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November 24, 2011


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Happy Thanksgiving!
We are waiting for the green bean casserole to finish baking then our feast will commence.


Happy Thanksgiving to the Oodles family!

We just finished eating and cleaning up - it was a great day! Like you, I've been cooking for days and if I have to make another meal before next week I'll be a little pouty! Daughter and I got a chuckle out of your blog today - thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving to you. Just relaxing now; family gone. They have a 2 hr. ride home. I'm totally wiped out. Don't think my coffee will help much bringing back the energy!


Happy Thanksgiving.
I behaved myself and made polite family conversation but now I needed a break from the real world. Your red eyed angel reminds me of something made in Sunday school.
I do remember the turkey and pilgrim candles!

That is a very cute pie.

Kim G.

Happy Thanksgiving! That is a very cute pie indeed!


You always have the stuff I wish I had. I went to at least 5 thrift/antique shops last weekend and got nothing but a few overpriced shiny brites.

laurie magpie ethel

Happy Thanksgiving. Home and in my pjs after spending the day eating and visiting at my mom and dad's (head count was 28). I have a bell collection! Great minds once again....


I'm exhaused. Not used to being a worker bee in my own kitchen. I'm more the Queen bee type. ;)
Your angel comment perked me up!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


Oh! Your projects look like fun. I am at the end of the usual day of chaos and just sat down to catch up on the blogs have a little quiet time to work in my altered quote book and be glad I don't have to cook for a few days!


Your pie is just as gorgeous as your crafts and finds. We have the unfortunate responsibility each year to go to my MIL and feast on her canned yams, jarred gravy, olives, and mushy dressing. Yummy. I dread Thanksgiving. At nearly 80 years old she still insist on making it all and she only lets me bring a salad. Can I come to your house next year? Love your photos...have a wonderful weekend! Smiles..Renee


Your pie looks so good! I'm glad you are fixing those old ornaments. So many people would just pitch them in the trash. I love old ornaments!


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