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November 20, 2011


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Did you know that Robert Brenner has been selling off his collection little by little for at least a year on ebay as NoelBob. I've picked up a few of his items when I get very lucky!


Thanks for answering my questions, Barbara. I have the plastic/flocked people in a bag with the thoughts of sending them back to the thrift shop. That is ... unless your readers convince me that they will be valuable someday. ;-).


Ohh! Can we talk tree toppers tomorrow? I found this not only educational, well written, smart, gorgeous photos and now I need more. Barbara this is a favorite stop...thanks for always sharing...smiles..Renee

Melissa's Antiques


Thanks for the shoutout! I will address Ruthann's question as soon as I get a grip on what I have and what I know to have existed.

RUTHANN: If you're reading this, please keep an eye on my blog, as I hope to address this question in an upcoming post. Probably sometime after Thanksgiving, when my tree(s) go up! :)



This is great! I didn't know ornaments could be so interesting! Thank you for the post, and showing me that even small things can have a fascinating history! Now, I have to go get my Shiny Brites and all the other old ornaments from Grandma and see them in a new light! With camera in hand...


In love with the Poland ornaments!!! Thank you for all the answers as well...

Into Vintage

I always feel a little smarter when I leave here and today is no exception. Now I'm just counting the days until the 2011 AOVCOA. So exciting!


Afterthought- have you ever refurbished an old ornament, like paint and/or glitter? I had thought of it, but after reading your posts, I've decided not to. But have you or anyone else done this?


Cool info! I remember one year I decided to wash my mothers green glass balls because the surface of them had some "flocking" on them. Back in the early 60's she would spray the tree with this can of flocking "stuff". Anyway, I put them in a big bowl of water with dish soap. Imagine my surprise when all the paint peeled off! We had clear ornaments on the tree that year!



I tried to wipe pine sap off a very sticky vintage ornament; one swipe of a damp cloth and I had a clear ornament - hard lesson there. As for refurbishing ornaments, I broke a shiny brite with 'to grandmother's house we go' printed on it. I glued the pieces back on and put on some glass glitter to try to cover the breaks. It worked, but it still looks broken:-(

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It's always good to see someone that knows about what they collect or sell, because I know next to nothing! Ok, so this is all well and good, but it still doesn't solve the mystery of your strong dislike for those adorable kneehugger elves!
Happy Thanksgiving to the Oodle Family!


Thank you, Barbara, for answering my "non"question - haha! Tomorrow is a play day and I will be stopping at a local antiques mall (no 4:00am Black Fiday for this girl). I haven't scored a single ornament yet this year and I am going to have my eyes peeled for a Poland ornament!!

Bette (ourfreedom2)

I have a few old ornaments with a cardboard/paper topper. I don't hang them because I am afraid that they might be unstable so I look at them every year and gently re-wrap and put them away. Another thing that charms me are the ornaments with an old piece of thread used for hanging. I wonder if my grandmother could not afford the nickle for a box of hangers that year or if the hangers were hard to find because of the war.


thx for all the advise....and PLEASE donot forget the bears for this Academy. I got such an earful from them last year let me tell you. Jewels

Mitzi Curi

Just a picture of vintage ornaments in a box gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! Thanks for some of the information about old decorations. I think they're fabulous, of course!

Melissa's Antiques

Finally responded to Ruthann's question...


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