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November 06, 2011


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I am giddy just sharing in the gorgeousness of this fabric. Sweet, simple, detailed pure cotton. Why on earth did they mess things up? Thanks for sharing...smiles...Renee


I am drooling here -- seriously. Love the florals, and that curtain fabric is amazing, but my favorite is the darling toy print which could have been the subject of an entire post. I just hope you have enough of that one to feel comfortable selling a little piece.

Brenda Weed

LOVE all the old fabrics! I have quite a collection myself...wish I lived closer to you...it would be fun to see them in person! I make patterns and kits with old fabrics. I'm planning on having them for sale on Etsy before long. Which do you prefer...Ebay or Etsy?

Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter


Fabulous fabric. Those curtain ones, pure perfection!


I'm curious about the book your ordered. Please tell more when it arrives. I keep hearing about feedsack cloth and have no clue how to tell if fabric was once a feedsack or not.

laurie magpie ethel

Wonderful fabric followed by sorting vintage ornaments...how can life get much better?

Jenny Sellars

oh oh oh oh! I am lusting after the red curtain print fabric!


Love all the gingham. My Mom is a quilter and collects vintage fabrics. Unfortunately, she recently had hand surgery and hasn't been able to quilt lately but I know she would be impressed by your collection!


If I had those fabrics around me I would not get anything done. I would just sit a look at them, unfold and fold them again and smooth them out. I am impressed that you were able to sort.

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