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November 26, 2011


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I want to shrink myself, to be able to fit right in your beautiful skating pond. My first order of business would be to eavesdrop on the conversation of those two skaters on the bench. I surmise there is some gossip going on there!

Linda @ A La Carte

I love the truck with the tree in the back...cute decoration!


I have a red truck with a tree in the back in my village too. I spotted my first SUV with a Christmas Tree tied on top yesterday - that always makes me happy. Someone else is excited for Christmas too!


Love the truck & tree! It's worth a lot of smiles!

laurie magpie ethel

Looking mighty festive. I just got out some bottle brush trees that I intended to sell this year..they were too cute in a big group and I found the perfect spot to display them. That forest is staying with me for the time being.
Also agree about the addictive quality of mercury glass beads...endless crafting potential.


That truck with the tree in the back needs to be on a Christmas card - LOVE it!

Into Vintage

I hope the skaters don't get lost in the bottle brush forest on their way home. Maybe they should take the truck, just in case.


The skating pond is looking especially nice this year, and I'm sure the skaters appreciate having a little warming hut since it looks like they have to spend their nights at the pond.

Melissa's Antiques

i can't tell you how many beads i broke last year when I took apart all my beaded what-nots and restrung into 10+ feet of beaded garland for one of my 3ft trees. i'll have to measure...


Love the Farm Chick truck and the beaded garland with leaves!

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