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November 09, 2011


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You had me fooled completely...as a matter of fact I like yours better. So darling I pinned them...smiles...Renee


Craft-lovely! I like yours better, too!

Melissa's Antiques

LOVE when people recreate vintage items. I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell that you made it, if you hadn't told us!

Nice work!


Great job! New vintage always smells better than old vintage! ;)

Into Vintage

I love this time of year. :-)

laurie magpie ethel

Good crafting...and you parted with some of those hoarded heads!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Well no wonder you're so tired. You've been churning out some really wonderful Christmas goodness! And by the way, I like your creations better than the vintage ones!


I am sure your renewed energy for blogging is the direct result of glitter exposure - it works wonders!


These turned out so well, they definitely look vintage!

I like to see the things you make Barbara.



Power tools and glitter -what will you think of next? Great crafting, you sure had me fooled.


Those are cute! I totally understand having to have more than one. I am horrible that way!


Very, very cute!


I love these so much...reminds me of something similar I had as a child...a little angel and the baby Jesus under a little tent like covering...so sweet...and I love your finds in your Etsy shop...you have my kind of style...


You have the most wonderful blog and photos - I am so impressed! I bought some linens a while ago from your etsy shop, and I continue to marvel at your crafting and renovating skills. I am a California girl who has never learned to sew, build, or knit seriously. I think it's terrific that you find all these treasures and keep them organized and share them with others on your blog. That Pioneer Woman has nothing on you!

Mitzi Curi

Now you're into mini-home construction! I love it!

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