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November 08, 2011


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Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

The fussing and sorting sounds like the perfect day to me! Enjoy!


OH. MY. GOSH. I want to reach through the screen and touch them! My favorite are Shiny Brites but I'll take the Made in Poland, too, please. I hunt for these whenever I have the chance to stop at a sale. They're like candy, only you share yours and I don't want to share mine!


Oh if I just tip toe upstairs and babysit the boxes would it be okay? Just a gorgeous array. I am partial to the stenciled ones...but not picky as they all look just as yummy as candy. Enjoy the family and know that we are watching longingly at your goodies...smiles...Renee


Ah, this reminds me of the good old days, when I used to acquire masses and masses of ornaments.

Now I get like 12. Not dozen. 12 ornaments.

It's a good thing I was a hoarder before the drought hit.

laurie mapgie ethel

You done good. If I was one of those relatives I would totally understand this crazy sorting..what fun!

Into Vintage

Dear Oodles Dad,

I'm writing to confirm that fussing is a vitally important part of the ornament sorting process and is happening in homes across the country. Without this critical step, the ornaments will remain in a willy-nilly condition which can lead to breakage and an unintentional mix of Shiny Brites with Made in Polands.


"Fussing" is slang for "a person who pays immaculate attention to details", right?

And we all know that's a good thing. Whether you're sorting ornaments or cooking a delicious meal or hosting family for a while.

Happy Hosting!


Well, we should rush right over to your etsy shop and make a purchase just to show dad the fussiness means business.

Okay, now who in dad's life was "quality control"? Where does that come from? :)

Lisa W.

I think your fussing is fab ! So glad you share it with us !


Do not tell me you collected all of ornaments THIS year!!! I was lucky to get a dozen last year. How do you know about the ones from Poland, are they marked? I only started collecting last year so I'm new and only know to look for Shiny Brites.


So this is where all the vintage Christmas ornaments in CNY are hiding! LOL. Just glad to see they all are safe and sound at a good, loving home.

Since I only own 5 vintage Shiny Brites (including one of the pink striped ones in your pic) and 4 knee hugging elves, I'll just channel my inner vintage Christmas spirit through your pics. I love when you share your pics. Looking at them always brightens my day.


Oh my gosh, I thought I died and went to heaven seeing all these beautiful vintage ornaments! The colors are amazing.


Oh, those candle snowmen! I liked all those- don't see them much anymore.
At least 8 boxes of Shiny Brites are vacationing at my house> I think only 2 have collapsed from shear travel exhaustion! Can't wait to see your tree!!


I never get to find these and I think that you live a little too far away for me to blame you Barbara unless you are the Pied Piper of Christmas Ornaments and they just follow you home.

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