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November 17, 2011


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laurie magpie ethel

Another mind changer at the thrift! Congrats on the Halloween spun heads...really good find. I have that same spun head stocking but mine lacks the addition of the gun!?!?!?! Cukooo.


I brought home a Box of Happy last weekend that looked a lot like this - tiny bits of sweetness that no one else would love......except you and me and Laurie!


It is nice to see these heartwarming items have found a loving home!


Good grief don't let anyone know the name of this store...you will lose a gold mine...smiles...Renee

Into Vintage

I just don't know what to say about a gun in a Christmas stocking. That poor spun head must be a nervous wreck sharing his space with that.


Oh my gosh, what a great poke box!! Love those stickers.


now it's posts like these that send me back to my thrift shop...only to find broken toys and pilly sweaters...not fair.




What a box of goodies! My mom is about to bring me a box of "really old" ornaments that belonged to my grandma. She said they're mostly little wooden things, and that there are lots of little people in there. I've got my fingers crossed for some spun-head figures!!

Mary Ann

That little stocking really made me laugh! A gun? Oh yes, times have changed.


The Christmas decorations are great but I have never seen Halloween spun heads. I will have to keep my eyes out! Great finds.


The leaves with beads would make a nice addition to a vintage wreath. Good going!

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