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December 12, 2011


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I will bring the poster board and markers. This is going to be fun! Occupy...Renee

Maria (Magia Mia)

Hahahahaha.........love this Movement. :) Bring on the snow!


I love all you snowmen!! They are so cute!


HaHaHa! I was thinking "Invasion of the Snowmen" but yours is better!

Mrs. Cozy Home

HAAAA ... you are too funny


Awwww....how sweet...love to hear how they came to live with you...cute little snowmen!!!


If I see the national news camera trucks speeding through town I'll know where they are headed!! I don't think they'd give Anderson Cooper the cold shoulder. At our house we have a three arm, six finger Santa. Not outsider art, just my husband trying his hand at painting a Santa decoration.

Linda @ A La Carte

So cute! My snowmen are waiting to occupy the hutch I think! hugs, Linda

Melissa's Antiques

Hello cuteness! Really love your brick putz house too!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Oh your snowmen are so adorable! I just love how you have them all displayed.


LOL! Thank you for the smiles!

I love your snowfellows, and the way you've arranged them. I have a collection too, but I haven't brought them out this year. Maybe in January, I'll bring out a few for the top of the piano.



You know your blog is on my "love to hate" blog list. I just can't believe how great your stuff is. Envy seriously. But I love to envy you.


You just made my day with this post! Laughter all the way around! My large-and-in-charge fiber optic snowman is JEALOUS!!!

Into Vintage

Thanks. Once again I have to come up with some sort of reasonable response to "What's so funny?" due to the audible laughter coming from the proximity of my computer.

I think I'll go with 'kitten videos' this time. I'm keeping 'Occupy the Hoosier' all for myself.

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