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December 18, 2011


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Maria (Magia Mia)

I'm always game for a black tie event. See you there!


Eeeeeeeee! I can hardly wait to see how lame my collection is and what I have to aspire to!!! I am so new to ornament collection. I just love to see what's out there so I know what I should be looking for. I will be the google-eyed girl in the corner asking for autographs.

Into Vintage

I'm going to be up all night!!


First Survivor South Pacific results and now the Academy VCOASA (need to work on that abbreviation)- how much can one girl stand (LOL)


I'm a new viewer of the Academy this year. Let's see if this one can keep me awake. Do you have a best overall category?


My daughter has asked me several times this month about this eagerly anticipated event! I am hoping spritz (is that what they are called?) cookies will be served!


Christmas music (check). Hot cocoa (check). Trees lit (check). Snowflake cookies (check). Okay....I am ready! This is my favorite. Thank you sharing your Christmas with us...Merry Christmas...Renee


Can't wait to see the show!

Melissa's Antiques

Wish I could participate! This sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Linda @ A La Carte

This is truly one of the highlights of my Christmas season. I will be there with bells on! Really I will have my jingle bell earrings on! Hugs, Linda


I'm so excited about the awards -- wearing my best sweats and the the champagne is on ice.

Love the high resolution image of your tree -- it was so fun to check all of the ornaments that you decide to keep. Do you put all your favorites in the front?

Next year I'm hoping to see an ornament on that tree with 3 tiny carolers.


I think you are really me if I was who I was meant to be. The spritz cookies cinched it.

I am already camped out for the awards like a parka clad 40 year old in front of Best Buy on the Wed before Thanksgiving.

BTW, what is the history of the star on your tree?

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:) Nice post.. Merry Christmas..........!

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