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December 15, 2011


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Linda @ A La Carte

These trees are so pretty and I love the vintage ornaments. Thanks for showing these to us! hugs, Linda

laurie magpi ethel

Great minds...I did a little trio of trees this year too and was about to do a post on it tonight. No pinecone elves for me...more of a bird and bell gal.

Into Vintage

The pinecone people are very near the top of my list as far as Christmas decorations go. I think it must have something to do with how far removed from reality they are. In an odd coincidence, one of my very most-treasured family heirloom ornaments is a giant pink pinecone.

I cannot write with the t.v. on. I can't write and listen to public radio. Music or silence are my only options.


I love the Gurley candles in the background!


I MUST do something while I watch TV - craft, sort, organize, price things for the booths, flip through a magazine, clip coupons, play a board game, sort buttons, admire my tin of spun heads, throw pipe cleaner rings on the cat ears.....something. If I don't....zzzzzzzz.

I also have a collection of tiny trees on my blog tonight.

Lisa W.

You and Laurie have the best little trees in the world ! I am esp. crazy about your elf tree . Hey - and how about those housewives... Geesh !


It looks wonderful! I love the one with the pinecones. As a new ornament collector I am finding there are more ideas than I have trees for.


They are so beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Melissa's Antiques

You know, I don't come across pinecone elves that often either!


I am a radio talk show junkie. Keeps me informed, I feel a little bit smarter? At least I think so? TV keeps me distracted...Gorgeous trees I am partial to the white one with red balls. If this is a Christmas snob's collection I want to be one! By the way if this is how you decorate with the TV on leave it on for heaven's sake! Merry Christmas...Renee


Your holiday decorating is among my favorite, I love those pinecone elves and ornaments. It's just so shocking you watch RHBH, those poor vintage little elves and snowmen that had to witness such a show. Shameful!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

1. There are pinecone GIRLS???
2. I can't believe I missed your giveaway, and I don't even want to know what kind of vintage goodies were included with the book.
3. That red picnic basket holding a percentage of your snowmen makes me want to cry.
4. You watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
5. ALL of your Christmas decorations look fantastic!


Oh so fun! Thanks for sharing your pics and the fishing line tip! ♥


The little white tree with the pinecone ornaments is too amazing! Jealous of your lovely decorating, as usual. :)

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