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December 09, 2011


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Into Vintage

No, you're not.

Sometimes your posts are down right scary (said as I leaf through a previous Dec. issue of HC...)!


OMG B - my December issues are part of my Christmas Decor EVERY YEAR (LOL)....J

Tammy Soave

Oh yes! I saw this too! Sigh...sure hope ME Home Companion returns. (I have all my old issues too.)

Carol Ingenthron

Oh my goodness! I am so glad I happened to open your blog tonight! I've heard Mary E is considering publishing her magazine again....that would be incredible! I, too, bring out the December issues of ME magazine. This year I put all 12 December issues in their own little magazine box!


Last night it was the 2009 issue. I've been choosing a different one each night.
Oh, how I want it to come back!

laurie magpie ethel

Makes me miss that mag even more, but a nice little treat. I have all the issues as well and reread the holiday ones each season...great minds once again.

Leslie J

No yopu are not alone!


The Christmas and Valentine's issues are the only ones I saved, the rest I cut to pieces as it made sense at the time. Now it seems like a crime!

Brenda Kula

How wonderful! Thanks for directing me over there. Alas, I had to throw out so many magazines when I moved!


I was just setting out some HC last night. I want some down time to peruse it, yet again!

Thanks for the link! Where did you get that info? I'm on the ME mailing list but hadn't seen this! Fabulous!


Many thanks for this link! I used to subscribe to her magazine and I miss it a lot. Great news that it is online.


No...I do the same thing!

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