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December 15, 2011


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Oh the tales a dogs tail could tell....We used to have the most loving golden retrievers when we were first married years ago. Their tails would swipe everything clear. From coffee tables to toddlers with bottles. Their innocence so pure they would bark at themselves. Christmas miracles we prevented at our home by fishing line and eye hooks. Don't laugh we still find fishing line in the trees! Smiles...Renee

Linda @ A La Carte

Love your little elves and so glad none were hurt in the tumble down the stairs. Congrats to the winner! Looking forward to more pictures of this cute tree. hugs, Linda


Oh my goodness, thankfully there were no elf casualties. I look forward to seeing the entire display.

Melissa's Antiques

Several of my ornaments have suffered final fates this decorating season. Glad yours didn't!! Can't wait to see the display!

Into Vintage

No injuries? That is a miracle considering those elves are 'snack size.'

As an adult looking back, I now shudder to think how many vintage ornaments were broken during my childhood cat's holiday tradition of While-You-Were-Out-I-Climbed-The-Tree.

Lavender Dreams

Congrats to Sharrie! I love elves...or pixies as I call them! I thought of you this morning when I posted! I found a bunch of little cuties to show! Happy holidays! ♥♥♥


I would have started to worry if I'd seen a little red cross on an elf's hat!


So glad that Elf Resources will not have to be called and no Canine "Hair-ess-ment" suit will have to be filed!


LOL! A Christmas Tale - The Movie.


Good luck on selling the movie rights! Production may take a while but I will be looking for this mega-hit to hit the theaters in the Christmas future.

And...Merry Christmas to me! I VERY excited to have won your fabulous giveaway. Thank you very much!


B - you may want to take out Elf Medical Insurance just in case - you never know what future accident they may get into (and they sure look darn cute).... J

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