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December 12, 2011


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Into Vintage

I read MK's Summer Rental, well, this summer, and would be thrilled to move on to another Mary Kay title which would be all the sweeter (not sugary, though) with a small but tasteful box of vintage ornaments by my side.

Beth O

I love to read and I collect vintage ornaments so it would be a match made in heaven.

Lisa W.

You can count me in ! I could use a good read ... as well as a few of your vintage ornaments !


I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews and I LOVE vintage ornaments, please enter my name! Thank you!!


Never read MK Andrews, sounds like something I would enjoy, and me too a Vintage Ornament Snob. Count me in!


me me!!! I have read all her books except this one! Janie


You have me intrigued! May have to look it up at the library...that is if I don't just happen to come upon a copy somewhere through pure luck! ;)


Looks like what I would call a 'Good Beach Read' (aka novella...) hmm... maybe if I 'happen to win' a copy of the book - Santa will HAVE to come through with a trip to a WARM BEACH for me!?!!! (Do you think it works that way??)



Ha! I wonder if tomorrow you're going to post a clarification (or even an apology) about how you didn't actually mean that you hate all things heartwarming.

Put me on the list -- I want that non-heartwarming book (and the ornaments).


I promise my heart will not me warmed if I win this book;-)

Melissa's Antiques

This is an amazing give away! Also, your description of a novella - "a book you may actually finish" - made me laugh out loud!


Hmm! I knew there was a reason that I loved blog. Wit, humor, reality...Mary Kay is that you? She writes books that aren't predictable. That's what I like. I haven't heard the word novella since college. Thank the good Lord they still print books. From one snob to another...Renee


Oh, yes please! I would even write the essay, if required. You should do more book reviews - I also veer from the heart-warming and romance stories so sweet they hurt my teeth (who talks that way, anyway?). Thanks for the recommendation! --cds

Lavender Dreams

I know this may sound like I am exaggerating! But I just finished Savannah Blues and now I am reading Deep Dish by this author! I fell in love with her fun Southern humor! I would love this book...I know! Thanks girlfriend! And happy holidays! ♥♥♥

Heidi German

I love Mary Kay's books! I didn't realize she had a Christmas story out, but if it's anything like her other books, I know I'd love it!

Mary Ann

I've never read this author, so it sounds like a good time to start. And ornaments, well, can never have too many of those.

Jamie Keller

I'm also a holiday snob, so I was glad to read the book (and ornaments!) met your approval.

Linda @ A La Carte

I love love vintage ornaments and MKA's books are always a delight. Please enter me in the giveaway!

PS I love your description of this book...:)


Queen of Fifty Cents

I would be very happy to give these a very good home!


I've read other books by MK and am delighted to see that she has another one out!

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