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December 12, 2011


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Amy James

I just got done reading Deep Dish and would love to start on Blue Christmas. Please include me!


I love that you tell it like it is, almost as much as I love vintage ornaments.


Just this morning I was wondering what I should read next. This sounds perfect! Please throw my name in the hat and thanks for the heads-up, either way!


MKA left a comment on my blog once and I swooned! Throw me in the hat, please......gotta have a shot at this one. Thanks!


Sounds like a wonderful read. I will have to put in on my list.

Caitlin G.

First time commenter but this seems like the perfect time! I'm dying to know what punch recipe could hint at a scandal!! Thanks for throwing up all your giveaways, I'm so excited I could enter my name, finally. Not sure where I was the past few years, but after finding your blog last month, I couldn't get enough! Love love love your posts and I hope you have a happy holiday!!

Michele Gailey

I would love the chance to win your book. If I don't win, I'll have to go buy my own copy of it. It sounds like it's just up my alley. I don't like sappy movies or books. And for some reason, I'm really enjoying my shiney ornaments this year...it's addictive, reading your blog this year. Thank you for the fun. Michele


Oh a good read and vintage Christmas, be still my heart!
Dear giveaway gods: If I should win; I heartily promise not to ignore my children while I get lost in another book. I promise not to play apparently offensive heart warming Christmas movies repeatedly. (Sorry Hallmark channel). I promise to limit threatening my children with the much feared lump of coal to only once a day until Christmas eve. I promise not to force above stated children to sing Christmas carols immediately entering vehicle, unless ofcourse they start fighting in the back seat (then all bets are off). Most of all and regardless of the outcome: I'll promise to try and always remember that I am incredibly blessed this Christmas and all year even if I don't win this generous giveaway.

-brightest blessings this holiday-

chris mckinley

Summer Rental was a great book. I would love to be included in the giveaway



I really love your blog! I always look forward to reading it. You have informed me, inspired me, gave me a laugh, and most of all made me feel a little less crazy when it comes to "making the rounds" at the local thrift stores or planning my day according to the start times of yard sales!

Please count me in the giveaway! I could use a good book to curl up with and ornaments there is still plenty of room on my aluminum tree!


Please pick me!


It looks lovely! I love giving and receiving books for Christmas. My husband--not so much.

So I've already bought a couple of books to read during the break. I haven't "opened" them yet--so they're still "new".

I'd love to add this to the reading list!


You've got me interested - I've not read any of her books. I'm adding it to my reading list - sounds like a good read.
Merry Christmas!


Oh perfect, I need something to read right now! ;)


A novella ... right up my alley since I still have a stack of books from last year's library book sale that I have yet to find time to read. Many of them are by Southern writers, but none by Mary Kay Andrews. This book sounds interesting, esp. if it mentions vintage ornaments and cooking!


What a cute giveaway. Wish you could have come and helped me decorate my tree today. It would have gone faster!
Merry Christmas


Sounds like I might like the book and I know I love the rest...count me in!

Mary Ellen

Merry Christmas!

mary scott

I am trying to slowly pass on my non-vintage Christmas decorations to the charity shops and only decorate with vintage Christmas and snowmen now. There is something so happy about them even with the distress on some - like our wrinkles show we have been around awhile ourselves - a badge of endurance! Love all your photos of red white and jadite green! 8^)


Sounds just like my kinda book B - and I am always appreciative of tasteful Christmas decs (LOL). J

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