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December 19, 2011


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One Gal's Trash

A touch of lefty politics, a parade of sparkling festive delights, and a Joni Mitchell wrap-up?! What a fantastic show!
Merry Christmas, O & O!


Merry Christmas to the Academy and her family! Congratulations winners and condolences for the runners up.

These award ceremonies keeptopping themselves every year. Just when is the mainstream media going to take notice and televise the event?!?!

May the holiday celebrations bring as much joy and inspiration to you all as Barbara has brought to all of us with this sweet Christmas tradition!

karla nathan

Congratulations to the worthy winners of these prestigious awards.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

So glad that you were the host again this year, because although Billy Crystal is funny, YOU are a riot! Congrats to all of the deserving winners, and Merry Christmas Mrs. Oodles!


As always, a real treat!

I love that song, and I've had the lyrics in my head a few times this year. " I wish I had a river to skate away on".

I hope your Christmas will be a very merry one!



Merry Christmas to the Queen of Christmas!


Fabulous post! I laughed, I cheered, I wiped my eyes...
The witty commentary leaves us all begging for more!
(Waves the Bic lighter she uses to light her Christmas centrepiece back & forth as if she in a huge, adoring awards show audience.)

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