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December 08, 2011


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laurie magpie ethel

He may be unattractive, but what a charming story and family history. I would be happy to have a Happy Hooligan hang on my tree.


Great memories associated with Happy Hooligan despite his appearance. I would have never guessed him to be worth so much money.


We have such ornaments...okay not quite as goofy but still the love out weighs the look of the ornaments. It is just so neat to see these fragile pieces last throughout the year! Smiles...Renee


Oh wow! As a lover of face jugs, I think this ornament is spectacular!! Should a petition begin about not placing him at the rear of the tree?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Will you look at that grimace? Even he knows how unattractive he is! Whoever gets to be the next keeper of Happy, hopefully he'll be treasured for many years to come!


Granted, I'm not sure sure I would want him on my tree and after so many years of faithful service I think he deserves the rest. If Happy lived at my house I would buy him his own little bell jar to retire in and display him year-round, right along with some on my other curiosities.


Oh wow, to have an ornament that old that actually belonged to my family! The legs remind me of the Italian ornaments in the 1950's.


What a cool piece of history! Once you inherit him, you def. have to put him in his own display case like the bell jar Kathy mentioned or something. I think I would be too afraid to put him on the tree worried he might get broken or something.

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