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January 04, 2012


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After you decide you don't want that feedsack, please- send it my way! I SO need a new apron, just like the one you showed. The one I made 15 yrs. ago (like the pictured one) is totally stained from making lard and frying food. You make my day! Thanks!

Linda @ A La Carte

That is a lovely feedsack! What a wonderful apron it would make.

chris mckinley

I love the feedsack too!! When I think of aprons I think of one my nana had... she called it her gathering apron. It was made out of Pop's old shirt, faded blue, and buttoned up on the sides so you could carrying things in it. She put veggies and eggs "gathered".


That feed sack and that pattern need to be together, whether they ever get made up or not!!
Our Grandmothers paid the price for that bucolic life with their hard work. So many things they had to do "the old fashioned way" but what I really envy is I don't think they had to work their brain as hard as we do today. There was a lot of information in their world but they weren't drinking it from a fire hose like we do now.


I am so torn...that face or the fabric. I think I should have to let him in and then play with them both! What a gorgeous choice. Isn't life grand! Smiles...Renee

Into Vintage

I've always wondered if someone came home from the feedstore with more flour or corn meal or whatever because they wanted the sack more than what was inside it.

In other matters, I think I'm going to start selling on ebay again after several years of being away from it. Please tell me they haven't changed a thing since then.

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