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February 13, 2012


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White furniture is the best, I love the crispness of it, especially against those pewter walls. You've shore been working hard, lady!


Ha Ha those People! Wow you've been busy - when does all the cleaning out end?

laurie magpie ethel

Busy Beaver Barbara! You are a strong woman to get rid of the millinery flowers..I could not part with them (used about 15 today alone in my crafting). Bedroom is chugging along - looking good with that crisp white furniture! Busy, busy, busy....


The white furniture looks fabulous. It makes me want to clear out all the kid clutter and paint their old bedrooms, but I know I won't.

Those vintage flowers are so sweet, and don't take up much space, so I know I would have a hard time parting with them. I am so impressed at your ability to purge this stuff -- all that cleaning and pressing and photographing and listing and mailing. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.


I am thoroughly enjoying this part of the novel. Loving that wonderful color and how it looks so clean against the white furniture. However, I have decided that we have the exact taste in things. It seems what you are keeping is exactly what I would be collecting. Your velvet millinery and forget me nots couldn't be any more special. So glad you are reaping what you have sewn...smiles..Renee


Love the flowers and new room change up!


Oh.My.Gosh. You are making me feel like such a slacker. You go, girl!!

Shelley Germann

My, oh my! Where are finding all this energy? Can you bottle some and send it to me?

The room is looking good, can't wait to see more!

Shelley Germann

BTW- Barbara, if you ever find a comment or post of mine WITHOUT a typo, write that one down in the record books!

Lisa W.

I Love what you are doing with your room ! It's looking so great ! I am sorry that I missed buying any of those fruits and flowers however. Bummer !

Into Vintage

As a card-carrying member of the American Association of People Who Sort, Wash, Press and Photograph Linens, I confess to finding this type of activity very satisfying if not downright soothing. In small doses.

The thought of an entire suitcase of it makes me twitch a little.

ירושלים פרחים

I liked those flowers. realy nice colors.

Mitzi Curi

Wow, I don't know how you were able to part with all those millinery blossoms, but congratulations on doing so!

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