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February 26, 2012


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laurie magpie ethel

Made me laugh with your description of the quiet, sober Lutherans..and your attraction to the orange hexagon. Moving to that wild side huh? Glad your dad is on the mend...
p.s. one of my favorite colors is orange, so you chose well.


What a lovely way to pass the time in what I am sure was a stressful situation. I love the results and will be anxious to see the finished project! I am happy to hear that everything turned out okay!


This is a favorite way to bide my time. I love your sweet fabric. Glad to hear your dad is better. I love them all. Smiles...Renee


First, I am glad Dad is on the mend.

But I see those making the most beautiful doll quilt ever. :-)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Glad that Dad is OK!
You've inspired me to do something with all of those little bits and bobs of fabric that I haven't been able to throw away. I absolutely love to hand-sew, and I'm now envisioning some really cool porch pillows this summer....


So glad to hear your dad is doing better! I love your hexagons! Such pretty fabrics!


Yes I'm glad this all had a happy ending and your Dad is okay. Those hexagons are so pretty, I love your color combinations.


Ha, just listened to an old Prairie Home Companion about Lutheran's wearing beige.
Pretty hexagons;they might look good in picture frames.
Glad dad is okay in Pa.

Into Vintage

Every time you reference your quiet, Lutheran heritage, I have a good laugh, having come from those beige roots as well. By any chance do you say 'warsh' instead of 'wash'?

Happy to hear your dad is on the mend.

Maria (Magia Mia)

You? Sober Lutheran? With all that green and red in your kitchen?

Glad to hear your father is doing better....

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

I am glad your Dad is going well...will keep you all in our prayers. Hugs, Sonya


No picture frames. You're making a little quilt. You're a quilter. Yea!


P.S. I love your tiny 30s prints (of course), and your decision to use yellow prints for the centers. I'm also glad to hear your dad is feeling better.


this not so quiet catholic LOVES them AL!! but I'm particularly partial to the RED one! oooo la la!

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

These are great! I wish I liked hand sewing more, I would totally make one of these. But for some reason the only kind of hand sewing I like is quilt binding, I dunno lol.

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