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February 02, 2012


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Glad to see you came back to us. I was starting to get worried that you had completely given up on treasures. ;)


Welcome back! I checked every day, and today, voila!


Yay! You're back! I look forward to more Tales from Oodlesland.


I admire you! I'm glad you are okay, freeing yourself from stuff is hard and you make it sound easy, and you make it look pretty, too!

julie thompson

I was wondering where you were but then thought to myself "She must be organizing/decluttering or something" ;-) I know exactly how you feel about your aprons; I have been feeling the same way about some of my craft stash. I've given most of it to my thrift store but am trying to find the time to list some of it on etsy. I WILL get to it...your post is inspiring me to get it done. Now I need to think of the "50 things" in a new way too.


I cannot tell you the number of times I checked to make sure I didn't miss a post. It is nice to see you have been knee deep in vintage clutter. Did some cleaning out myself. Smiles...Renee

Christie Wilhte

So glad you are back--I have missed your posts! I am in the process of decluttering myself and what a task it is! Good luck!


Good to have you back! Bravo and bravo again on your big clean. I love how you described the way you feel about the aprons. I have a collection of vintage canning jars I really need to search my soul about. They take up a LOT of space that I could be using for something else. They were important to me once but not so much any more. Thank you for the food for thought!


Like others, I was checking on you every day. You have become my favorite blogger and you were regular in your up dates. Glad to hear it wasn't something serious that kept you away. I need to pare down too, but hard to let go. Maybe I can get inspired now.


Glad you are back. I am so disappointed that I missed some of your auctions! I think you need a link on your sidebar along with your etsy shop.
I love old aprons and have quite a few myself. They are folded in a basket. Love all your gingham ones. Love that rick rack along the bottoms. Pam


Missed you!


I posted a comment this morning and now it's gone. I'm glad to hear you are all right- was getting worried!
Loved the gingham aprons. I couldn't get rid of the few I have.
Welcome back.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Even though I checked in here every day to see if there was a new post from you, I just knew that you were doing something productive during your blog break! Six things. That's huge! I've been filling at least one apple box each week, up in the attic, in hopes of selling it all at the big whoop de doo of a sale I plan on having this Fall. I thought it would be rough letting go of it all, but the hardest part will be finding someone to carry it all down the stairs...

Lavender Dreams

It's a lot more fun to collect but we all get too much to keep it all! I'll go see what you are selling! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

Mitzi Curi

What a wonderful feeling it must be to declutter, downsize, and make money in one fell swoop! I'm definitely going to look you up on eBay. Vintage wallpaper is something I'm always looking for....

Lisa W.

You're back ! Thank goodness !


These gingham aprons with the chicken scratch embroidery are killing me -- I would love to copy the patterns, but I don't think I could bring myself to sell them. They're so beautiful.


Goodness, I wish I'd been that productive on my January break! LOL! I needed the rest though, so, I'm trying not to feel guilty. I really need to sort through and declutter too. Good for you!


O.K. Now I think I need to get started on thinning out at least 5 categories...Thank Goodness I didn't know about the big Ebay sale or I would be the proud new owner of your former stuff!!! Glad to see you are back!

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