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March 08, 2012


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I am smiling. The garage is always my first stop. Something enduring about my grandpa puttering around in the garage. I do a lot of shoving around with the men in there. Lovely finds. Smiles...Renee


Those notes are always so endearing to me. I feel like a magnet for bad sales, the longer the drive the worse it turns out to be...but I still go with huge elevated hopes.


Oh yes, sometimes you really have to think outside the house 8+) to find something. I totally agree about those adds that say "no junk". I see that and I think why should I bother if there is no junk. Man, wouldn't you love to dive into their dumpster and see what they consider junk!


So - zip aprons I take it :)...and yes yah gotta dig...J

Queen of Fifty Cents

Actually, the garage is often where I see the boxes of Christmas stuff. I always give it at least a quick check!


Although I bought nothing at the sale, I had a wonderful time chatting in your car before we made our way to the line forming at the sale entrance. So, for me, it was a ten pincushion kind of morning! For those of you who may never have the pleasure of meeting Barbara, let me disclose this secret: she is a marvel to watch as she navigates unmapped destinations - her method for scoping out a sale is just as she writes, except she moves quickly, flawlessly and with a keen eye!

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