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March 15, 2012


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Sunny Simple Life

How I love the simpler days in those pictures. Things you could make at home. Love those old cookbooks.

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Hi there - I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to let you know you have another kindred spirit in blogland! As I scrolled through your posts, I almost giggled because I love all the kitschy vintage goodness you do. Anyways, just sayin' "hi!" and will be sure to stop back and continue reading of your adventures.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Musings from Kim K.

I'm especially fond of that last table spread with the pink theme. I also love old cookbooks...especially ones filled with pictures.


Wait a minute...you mean it doesn't come out a box or from the drive thru? This is what kids are missing. When we saw Buddy in concert "CakeBoss" my daughter was the only one who told him that her mom cooked from scratch. He called the other moms cheaters. My dad did the cooking at our house and is an excellent cook. Thanks for the memories...smiles..Renee

Into Vintage

Lovely to know someone else makes key lime pie. I missed Pi Day but hope to make up for it in spades this weekend. Banana cream, perhaps.

PS I recall eating lunch with my mom at the counter at Woolworths. Boy, was that a long time ago...

laurie mapgie ethel

I bought a cook book last weekend from 1938. Have sat and paged through it. The woman inserted all sorts of recipes cut from the newspaper and given to her within the pages. A good cookbook is a good read.

If I lived closer I would be knocking on your door for a slice of that pie. It is one of my favorites.


Three things...
I have the same cookbook and love looking through it.

We celebrated pi day in my classroom...cupcakes, cookies and other round foods (and a little math)

Our hometown department store was famous for.their french onion soup...still miss it.

Lisa W.

Oh, I love those old cookbooks ! My mom had some when I was a kid and I have collected them for a number of years. The desserts are always so cute. Thanks for sharing !


I have a few of those old cookbooks and enjoy looking through them. They do bring back memories of the happy gatherings of my childhood. Back then punch with sherbet floating in it seemed so fancy :).

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