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March 31, 2012


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I was going to gush on and on about that sweet vintage Easter Basket and that sweet bunny, but then I read your comment. And, I know it isn't funny. Not in the least little bit. But, it made me giggle and I apologize for that. I'm sorry Easter has bad feelings tied to it for you.

I do not collect or buy Pyrex, but that first set just might have had to be mine if I saw it. Here's to a GREAT yard sale season for us all!


TWO HOURS?? You get an apron for tenacity and I'm pretty sure I would have turned around and left! I'm glad you got the glass garland - it is hard to find around here, too. Nice scores and kudos to you for sticking it out.

Musings from Kim K.

Wow. You did deserve a glass of something special for all your patience. I am pretty darn impressed with your goodies. I'm always a sucker for holiday decor and you did very good. Cheers!


Excuse me while I put my big girl panties on....this post is now my favorite. Read it three times in fact. I have been so burned by estate sales over the last few years I now only go to one companies and she lets me tally up my total of which I always round up thank you. The people that wait in their cars and put a rock the size of a needle to mark their place....and then magically reappear five seconds before the doors open. My husband said I should mark my spot with a tampon just to spite them. Really I might have to. The nurse and doctor showed up yesterday and they are dreamy....Many many many thanks....Smiles...Renee

Lisa W.

This post really cracked me up ! You are just too funny . I am sorry however, that Easter has some painfull associations for you. So instead of wishing you a Happy Easter - I am going to wish you a Happy Springtime Barbara ! Here comes flowers , sunshine , warm breezes ,cute baby animals and sales ! Enjoy !


I love the Patented Apron Rating System. It's especially interesting to me since I have never been to an estate sale, and I'm fascinated by the whole process. It's always fun to read your rationale for awarding positive and negative aprons (I forgot some of the rules, so I had to go back and look them up). I also feel pretty darn proud to have had a small part in the development of this system.

That kitten is so adorable that I want to try stitching it -- making a pattern from a three dimensional object would be a first for me, and, since I cannot draw at all, may go badly. I'll let you know if I need more photos :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I just checked your Etsy shop to see if those sweet bunnies were still there, and you've gone and found another hateful bunny! You may not like Easter, but Easter definitely likes you. And I've been trying to figure out what you could have bought 24 of, or what I would buy 24 of, and honestly, it could be just about anything!


xhy do estate sale people get so happy to make people wait? Isn't it all about making money? The only estate sale guy where I lived in TX was such a dirtbag, I still shudder when I think of him. At least you found some good stuff, can't ever say no to Pyrex!

laurie magpie ethel

Perhaps those apron strings should come with extra length for strangling those that control the door. I think sometimes the POWER trip with door control is a bit too much for some....I don't want your forehead dashed against that door. Curious to see what you bought 24 of and good luck with the bakelite!
hope the Easter weekend passes without incident.

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I still can't get over that you waited 2 hours in that line that early in the morning! Your tale of the estate sale wardens is priceless, though, as is your drooling over the Pyrex. Worth at least a couple of aprons. Looking forward to what you got 2 dozen of; hope it's not what I think it is!


The comments are just as hysterical as your blog entry. I love the idea of marking ones place with a tampon; in this highly conservative area of the map it might really twist some nickers. Easter is almost here and I'm going to wish everyone you know good health!

Melissa's Antiques

you know I'm a sucker for christmas. especially the glass beaded garland. and i'm also a sucker for great pyrex.

can't wait to see what you're holding back on!


The kitty is sweet but I'm too enamored with the pyrex and christmas stuff to really pay attention to it.

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