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March 18, 2012


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Lisa W.

I share your weather joy living here in upstate N.Y.. What a day ! I do wonder if it will last ... you know how capricious the month of March can be.


Congrats on your ebay and etsy sales. Do you still have your booth?

Maria (Magia Mia)

I'm gettin' the spins from your drunken whirlwind.....

Awesome about the $80 auction. Thanks for the tip!

My mother has that exact cookbook, but its condition is more akin to the Velveteen Rabbit. :)

Musings from Kim K.

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. We are definitely feeling spoiled with this amazing weather. Who wears shorts in March in MI? Crazy I tell ya.


Congratulations! We've hardly had any winter weather this year. It will be a very long summer.


Tiled floor, check. Ordered new rug (because I failed on cleaning other one), check. Spring clean inside, check. Spring clean garden, check. Planted planters with pansies, check. Jayhawks in Sweet Sixteen, barely...Yep...Superhuman. By the way, who doesn't need more clamps. They are very useful. Good man....smiles...Renee


Can you show us what an $80 comb looks like?

Poppy K

My handy husband also seems to have an insatiable need/want for clamps. I guess you can never have enough.


Oh my gosh. You are almost making me tired. It snowed here and we didn't get that weather. So that is prob why I'm tired. That and I went to bed too late. Love the clamp story. My husb. will appreciate that.


yes, yes, yes......yes to the weather, yes to the need to garden and YES to the love of post it notes which adorned your catalog! No to the clamps though :) Yippppeee to your fab Ebay sale!!! WTG


Put some of that happy on eBay and us PNWers will be jumping all over it. We had snow and hail and rain yesterday - so rude in March!

laurie magpie ethel

I think the glorious weather of march that has made you weather drunk ramble on describing a wonderful weekend! This post was like having a conversation with you...

p.s. the clamps, the clamps..too funny!

Into Vintage

I'm trying to focus on the fact that I have that exact same cookbook and held it in my just yesterday and I also have that exact same napkin holder but in green.

Instead I keep reminding myself I woke up to 2" of snow here this morning. In March. I agree with Kathy - SO rude!

Into Vintage

I don't want to leave you hanging ... I held it in my hand!!

Melissa's Antiques

I took Monday off work to do yard work. I wouldn't normally do it, but I think I was "weather drunk" and still am...


Let's go Orange! :) Sounds like strawberry picking may be early this year! AS long as we don't get a late frost.

Mitzi Curi

This weather has been so unusual! I can get a head start on all of my projects that I save for summer. I'm looking forward to another season of Mad Men too!

Lavender Dreams

You do sound absolutely giddy! Which is FUN! I'm looking in your Etsy shop...again! Enjoy your day! ♥

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