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March 22, 2012


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I happen to love the blue differential. Perhaps two different artist worked on them. The dutch motif is always a favorite. Almost anything on a swanky swig is enough to make me swoon. I am hoping for a plentiful garden and longer than normal growing season...fingers crossed. Smiles...Renee

Lavender Dreams

I like the difference in blues, too...not so matchy matchy! Enjoy your beautiful weather! ♥


Spring suits your kitchen!! I am also swooning over your tulips AND daffodils!


I, for one, wouldn't mind a bit if there were Swig Fatigue going on. I passed up a few tulip swigs last week at an antique shop. What was I thinking?
Your daffodils are lovely and so is all of your vintage goodness.
You had me cracking up at that so 24 hour ago comment.
Happy Spring!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Out of all the ailments a person can suffer from, I've never minded a raging case of Swig Fatigue! Oh my goodness, I took a walk through the gardens this morning, and I've already got tulips blooming. TULIPS! Will there be anything blooming by August, or will it all be done?!

Musings from Kim K.

Aren't your tulip collections just nifty!! We've certainly been spoiled with 80+ degree weather in MI. It's going to be a fun when I have to wrestle my five year old back into pants tomorrow when the weather changes.

Happy Spring!

Lisa W.

I Love your tulips and dafs ! They are so cheerful and pretty with all of your kitchen stuff. Perfect !


Swig fatigue cracked me up. Get out there and enjoy that sunshine while you can, I'm sure there are still plenty of indoor days ahead!!


Oh my B. Ihappen to love all your Swag. Saadly it is too early for all our flowers here..what will get to look at in May?

laurie magpie ethel

We had snow here this a.m. YES SNOW. I did get some nifty daffodils the other day from a honor system flower stand. They had a big field of daffodils with a ton of varieties. I bought myself two big bouquets. They look lovely on my kitchen windowsill this a.m. as I gazed out at the SNOW!

Flowers Online Melbourne

I really love tulips! an,d daffodils too!

Into Vintage

So far all of my daffodils have been of the grocery story variety and not a tulip in sight here just yet, let alone newly planted anything.

I did make my annual ceremonial garden glove purchase ... and now I sit & wait for something to do with them.


Those little tulip glasses are the same ones that my great aunt and uncle used to drink their nightime "toddies" from. Great memory!



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