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April 02, 2012


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Queen of Fifty Cents

Yup. Those are really, REALLY pretty!


I'm glad you only buy the pretty ones!


I couldn't even ponder a guess. These are so beautiful. I wish I could buy all my goods from you. They are so well taken care of and beautifully packed. These patterns are just gorgeous.I remember buying them with my grandma at the department store...I am looking forward to 24 of something else next weekend. Lots of stitching tonight.........crossing fingers toes and anything I can...smiles...Renee

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

Beautifully and wittily written, my friend! You know what, I sew pillows and sell them on Etsy now. But I flunked Home Ec. I couldn't follow a sewing pattern if I had a gun pointed at my head. I envy you even the patience of going through each one. The buttons, oh those pretty buttons!

laurie magpie ethel

I did not think of 24 patterns. Good for you for checking them out if complete or not and not just lumping them off.

Beth Leintz

Barbara, You just reminded me that I have a box of patterns stashed in the closet that I really should go through-or else just surrender and use them as packing material. You got some fun ones!

Crystal in Texas

Sigh! I just wish I know how to sew...I'd love to look like those pretty models and wear those amazing clothes!


Well these are really pretty and I understand why you are so torn and I feel your pain. How can we not rescue them, I ask you??? I have 6 sitting on my work table right now, patiently nagging me to get them listed. I do open every one and check for every piece and yes, it is daugnting. I do NOT iron them. I have heard that some people do. That is where I draw the line!!!

Maria (Magia Mia)

Been there, done that Barbara. I even go to the trouble of ironing the pieces. Must be residual Catholic guilt. I eventually sent my remaining stash back to Goodwill, after they languished in my Etsy shop for months. No.More.Patterns.For.Me.......

Hahaha......Love Brenda's comment. :)

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Well, now, if the ones I saw were as pretty as those, I may have been unable to resist. I'm sorry for leading you back down this path! Thankfully, I have no urge to iron the pieces, and I wouldn't mind the counting if they weren't oh so delicate and fragile. And tempting to cats as they flutter away from me. But congratulations on getting that many listed; I will probably be here for another year!


How very Mad Men some of these patterns are! No wonder they sell well. The Mad Men TV show style is all the rage now. Anyway, I thought maybe you bought 24 knee hugging elves. ;)


Would you believe I guessed it right as soon as I read your first clue about a high threshold for boredom? I HATE selling patterns and do the bad thing...I put them in a lot. I only do it because I simply CAN NOT count the pieces, I tried before and was ready to blow my brains out after 2 or 3 of them. I refuse to buy them anymore, since I am unwilling to count pieces I'm afraid a buyer is going to be unhappy with them.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always hated cutting out patterns, but I think checking the patterns to make sure that all of the pieces are there might be even worse, if at all possible! They sure are lovely though, and bless you for being a good and honest Ebay seller!



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