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April 24, 2012


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Good thing everything looks so lovely-makes the injury almost worthwhile, I hope. Looking forward to when you feel like talking about it!


My mouth is hanging open. Gah!! This is an amazing room. I love every.single.thing. Seriously. Your jadite collection is jaw dropping. I think I might have been your mother in some other life.

Brenda Weed

I just love the way you decorate! I need to send you some pictures of swanky swigs that I need more matches for. I have a couple different daffodil ones I need and probably others too! I'll try and get some pictures and send them to you.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm green with envy. Your jadite collection is simply fabulous. I think this would be my favorite room. I'd gladly sit in it all day staring at your special dishes and glasses.


Lovely! Your kitchen makes me smile. I love and collect everything you collect. I am not sure where my Dutch kitchen collection started but they are just so cute. Swanky Swigs are swoon worthy and jadite is pure perfection. The color makes my day.
Thank you so much for sharing.


Stop it now...in the garage! What on earth were you thinking? Those babies deserve warm soap and water and tender drying before placing them permanently on a climate controlled shelf. If this happens again I will have to confiscate them...all.

I don't know how you keep from rearranging this stuff every day it is so beautiful. Your home looks perfectly placed and right out of a catalog from its era...thanks for the tour.


Gina @ Vintagejunkinmytrunk

I must ask that you cease showing photos of your lovely green and white with touches of red kitchen. It makes my yellow and red one look dull and dingy by comparison, and since I can see it from where I'm typing, a constant reminder of what could be... if my wall wasn't red. And I had jadeite instead of yellow ware bowls and canisters. And a hoosier.

I don't remember your auction hide-and-seek story (worthy of an apron!) and am glad your injury only required a band-aid and not stitches!


Wonderful kitchen. It looks like such a pleasant place to be. Thanks for the photos, seasoned with your delightful wry humor.

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

I LOVE your collections. You have some wonderful pieces of jadite, swanky swigs and and and....I just love everything.

laurie magpie ethel

Always happy to have a kitchen tour in blogland..yours just makes me smile with the color palette, collections and tidiness! It might be a small kitchen, but MIGHTY in how cute it is!

p.s. a drill bit and a band aid does not sound like a good combination.


I'm stealing the cookie cutters in a jar idea. I don't have any vintage glass jars, but I think a modern one may temporarily work. Love those blue swanky swigs. And, love how you re-purposed the cream cheese box. Your kitchen really should be in Country Living magazine one day. At the very least, your Jade-ite collection should be featured.

Beth Leintz

Thank you for the wide angle view of the kitchen. It's darling!


Such a warm and homey kitchen. Your big Hoosier reminds me of my grandma's arranging of those exact items. Early morning flashback!! Thanks for the tour and marvelous pictures!


If you ever invited me over to have a cup of coffee in your kitchen I'd never leave. ;) It's so cute, cheerful, cozy and downright adorable. I LOVE it all! Thanks so much for the tour and the obligatory close-ups.

Lisa W.

You have created such a cheerful world .... Love it !

chris mckinley

What a great collection of jadite! But my favorite... the swanky swigs!!

sewa elf

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The first thing to catch my attention was the mention of a little Hoosier and a big Hoosier. I wish I had one, no matter what the size! And then you proceeded to share all of the pretties in your kitchen, and I have to say that your kitchen is my most favorite kitchen in all of kitchendom!

Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Your collection blows me away! I hope everything is good with you...it was nice to hear from you.
♥, Susan

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