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April 19, 2012


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Musings from Kim K.

How fabulous is that display!! Your shelf unit is just perfect for your hoosier. I'm enjoying all your mix of vintage treasures. Love it.

Gina @ Vintagejunkinmytrunk

I'm impressed too! Great job, love the red and jadeite combo as always.

Melissa's Antiques

*sigh* i wish i had the courage to paint my kitchen green. i'm a green collector, just like you, it seems.

Laurie magpieethel

Excellent, most excellent redo of the cabinet. How nice to surprise your brother with an I DID IT!

Lisa W.

As if the little Hoosier wasn't cute enough ... the shelf unit puts it over the top ! Great job Barbara !


Hold on...I need to go down stairs and put my cookie cutters in my silverware drawer like that. Good grief this is so cute. Honestly, I flipped through twice to make sure I saw all of it. Yes, pets have a ton of stuff. Smiles...Renee


I can't take my eyes off of that beautiful piece of furniture...someday...

Into Vintage

You are a true Renaissance woman. I would love to own some sort of dangerous table saw and build things but I'm quite confident my work would in no way 'stun' your brother (except maybe in the not-so-good way) or anyone else. Your brother's surprise surprises me since we readers all know you to be quite handy and crafty (in the good way) -- does he read your blog?


LOL B -my brother would never believe me if I told him I had done this kind of carpentry...good for you! So how long will it stay organized? Love all your :stuff:


Love your little cabinet and I am so amazed you built the top section! You're very good! Love all of your little pretties in there too. I have a little Jadite bowl like yours, the smaller one.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

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