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April 12, 2012


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The photo with both Carson and Patch is hilarious (2 dogs and 2 cats at my house)...love the pillows.

Musings from Kim K.

I'm all smiles reading this post. Totally adorable. He's not spoiled in any way either...hee hee.


Whoa! Fortunately, our dog is much shorter than Carson and cannot reach or carry our pillows around! She MUST have a toy in her mouth when someone comes home or comes to the door to show her excitement.

I wish we had the dialogue that was running through Patch's head when these photos were taken!

Melissa's Antiques

My dog loves stuffed animals. We call them her babies. She doesn't tear them up, she just loves to carry them around and bring them to you when you get home. Gotta love those retriever instincts :)


Your dog must be the cutest dog in the world, and the best accessorized. One can sense by the pictures how happy he is with his home and family, he looks smiley!


That picture of a happy puppers with his paw on his pillow just made my day! Too cute! Oh, and so is that bedroom...i have colour envy. :)


Oh! I know it is naughty to take the pillows but that is so cute of him to greet people by giving them something. A dog who likes to make people smile. Pretty hard to get mad at that!


Carson sweet Carson...This is the sweetest story I have heard all week. Lick them all so you don't have to share. Smiles...Renee

Maria (Magia Mia)



How funny B - you are such a good Mum to make Carson his own pillows. Miss Gwendonline likes to regularly "empty" her basket one by one of her designated toys so at least once a week I have to do "pick up" - they're just big kids really :)...Say hello to Carson from Miss G..J

Shelley Germann

What a cute post and such lucky pets! I bet they're not the least bit spoiled!


Cadbury used to do that too when he was younger. Now he occasionally grabs his duck toy to welcome a visitor. What a great memory. Dogs are awesome.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I like Carson's way of greeting so much better than the way our dog Rags liked to greet people when I was little. He would meet us at the door with either one of my Mom's bras or one of my shoes!


Awwww....love him. <3 <3 <3

Mitzi Curi

Carson and his pillows are so cute! My male Westie likes to greet us with a stuffed animal in his mouth and tail wagging madly. The female doesn't. Maybe it's a guy thing....

Lisa W.

I somehow missed this post and it included Patch ! This pillow situation is too cute Barbara - and so are your pets. It is a good thing I look at your past posts or I might have missed this. Thanks for sharing !


I love the bedroom. Timeless, classic, beautiful.

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