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May 03, 2012


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Musings from Kim K.

Your quilt is gorgeous (so are the blossoms). May is a favorite month at our house...lots of birthdays and our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. I need to hobble down into our backyard with my crutches and look for lily of the valley. My grandmother had pink lily of the valley around her porch. I wish we would have dug up some of them before the house sold.

Happy May!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

That yo yo quilt is wonderful! Love the colors of it.


I am going to flat out ignore those yo-yo's. Yes Ma'am, ignore them.

I cannot grow lily of the valley! I have tried and tried. We have tried all over the darn yard and nothing. What gives I wonder?


I tried to scratch and sniff your lily of the valley, but it didn't work. I adore that smell. I tried planting them earlier this spring and have not seen hide nor hare of them. So disappointed.
All three of your firsts are beautiful.

Brenda Kula-Pruitt

And oh, what a pretty purchase too!

Mitzi Curi

I'm ga-ga over yo-yos! Your quilt was a great find. And your blossoms are lovely too!


ooohhh lovin that quilt - and congrats on your new Etsy - yet another place for me to lurk LOL...J


A yo-yo quilt!!! I love them! Great colors too. My lilies of the valley get too much sun so this year I put a bistro set over them and I just may get some this year. I adore their scent. Any great antiques' shops between Buffalo and Sk that I should check out this summer?


Love lillies of the valley...may you have a bounty of apples to enjoy under the comfort of your yo-yo quilt...smiles..Renee


Oh, those apple blossoms are SO pretty! I only have volunteer lily of the valley and the blooms are very insignificant. Yours are beautiful and I can imagine they smell beautiful as well!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

All three are so beautiful, and I bet the first two smell heavenly and hopefully the third doesn't smell at all. Ok, somebody had to go there, it was SO obvious! Or is it just me?

Shelley Germann

Oh, the yo-yo quilt is to die for!

Linda Ruthie

I love yo-yos and that quilt is spectacular! Thanks for sharing your pretty Spring firsts.


Your first apple blossoms must be exciting! Congrats on them. My lily of the valley will be blooming all over the hill, but I hate fighting the snakes to get to them. I found lily of the valley oil that I use in a burner so I can smell it anytime.

chris mckinley

The blooms are lovely but that yo-yo quilt??? I love it!!



Love your May pictures! There are few sweeter things than apple blossoms and yo-yo quilts! Cheers to the rest of the month!

Into Vintage

I'm having mixed emotions -- May flowers love and yo-yo envy!


Love your blog. Those lillies are wonderful. I love lillies. Beautiful post. And I love your hoosier in the kitchen on your other post. Just wonderful!


Can't stop thinking about those blossoms and that quilt. May is a good month, indeed!

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