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May 18, 2012


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Musings from Kim K.

How sweet are those embroidery squares! I love that little girl with the fishing pole.


Trust me, we can still be friends. I am loving these posts about the feedsacks and all the variety and history. For whatever reason, they are just something we seldom see around here so it's a real treat. Thank you for sharing!


You really hit the mother lode with all those feedsacks. Wow. I'm enjoying seeing all of them as I didn't know there were so many different types.

laurie magpie ethel

That graphic for Wear-O-Sax with those darling kids by the clotheslines...that would have made me swoon. SWOON!


All this feedsack love is overwhelming - I really wish I was with you in your kitchen looking through them all - your a luck gal B!

Lisa W.

You may talk about feed sacks any ole' time. I knew very little about them before I found your blog ... and now I really like them ! Thanks for that !


I love that Chickasha Okla sack. My DMIL grew up in that area!!


I cannot contain my drool. Had I known these were out there I would have started hoarding them earlier. Who knew they stamped them with stitching. I knew there were patterns but the stitching...oh who do I have to beat to win the bid. I am sure a small asterik after Oodles and Oodles denoting feed sacks would never hurt...Keep them coming. Smiles..Renee

Linda Ruthie

I'm loving all of these feedsack fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mitzi Curi

I love the image of the biscuits, and the feedsack pattern is so pretty. Thanks for sharing....I don't mind at all if you show us more!


I don't blame you for wanting to stay home with your stash! I would, too! Beautiful prints!


Too adorable! How resourceful and frugal to put dress patterns and embroidery squares on flour sacks. Looks like all the feedsacks are in great condition.


I can't believe there were actually flour sacks with patterns on them!!!! How fabulous!!

Into Vintage

Permission granted. Carry on.

But only because I see things here I've never seen before (those last four words would be italicized if I could do that in a comment). Who knew?!


Well, if it tells you anything about your readership...I regularly read a blog that is about nothing but....selvedges...so, show us every darned one of those feedsacks. Oh, and where was that great vintage store you blogged about a long time ago? The one where everything is displayed so beautifully?


i'm loving seeing them all! this is kind of embarassing to admit, but for YEARS i've heard about feed sacks and feedsack quilts and thought "that sounds ugly, why would someone want something plain like that?" and then at an estate sale this year i saw a box of actual feed sacks! amazing!


Oh I wish that flour still came in feed sacks! We go through enough around here that I would have a fantastic collection. :) These are awesome!


One of my Grandmothers always used feedsacks for her quilts. I never saw the sacks except where she lived in Mount Victory, KY. Thanks for reminding me of those wonderful memories.

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