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May 28, 2012


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laurie magpie ethel

You have certainly been a busy beaver ms. Barbara! Everything is looking quite spiffy and am sure those plants will work their charm on your guests. Congrats on that high school graduation!

I think I am quite partial to barn wood. I don't think I have ever lived on property that has barn wood...so it does have that magical appeal!


I agree with Laurie - I love Barn Wood. but, I've never had to sand or scrape it. hank goodness the shabby look is in, because I have that down to a science!

I love our local bicycle race and the noise and the bicyclists - but the random ones that come by on a daily basis - they are annoying - they think they own the road and I am VERY careful not to get to close or nip them :).

Shelley Germann

Oh my! I try not to work that hard anymore! You have my sympathy. I sure looks good, though! Your garden looks lovely, too.


It looks beautiful but good GAWD girl! My back is aching just reading about it.


Your garden is gorgeous... its funny what thoughts working in the garden, painting and priming generate!

Musings from Kim K.

You certainly have been keeping busy. Amazing what stress a graduation party can bring. Gorgeous pics of your blooms. Take it easy at work today.


I'm glad you are going back to work so you can rest up! It all looks great.


B where did you get the energy. So when your done I have a long list you can tackle at my house LOL. Hope your relees appreciate all your hard work! J


I hate cyclist...especially when they slowly bike in front of school traffic and thoroughfares while I have mere moments to drop kiddos off. Don't they have to get somewhere! However, I do love all that you have accomplished and am ever so happy to linger amongst relatives and point out all that you have done...most of mine never see a thing. By the way my black eyed susan vine is stunted this year too...smiles...Renee

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow so much work but it's all look gorgeous! A high school graduation deserves a big family party. Hugs, Linda

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Plunk me into the group that lurves barn wood! And that shelf under the window? Well that is sheer perfection!

chris mckinley

I love the pictures!! Your hard work is paying off!!


beats by dr dre

Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.


So much to comment on. When my grandmother-in-law visited years ago, my neighbor found me polishing the front door handle and remarked that it looked like I was expecting the Queen Mother. It's amazing what guests can do for a house! I admire your work ethic...I had the twins hauling bricks this weekend by way of building them up for all of my future projects. The garden looks beautiful. I need more yard!

Mitzi Curi

Barn wood was so popular back when my parents owned a gift shop. They bought a bunch of it and paneled the walls with it. I have to say, it looked pretty cool at the time.

Your garden looks wonderful, but I think it might be time to stop and smell the roses a bit!

Lisa W.

As always - you inspire me. As always - you make me laugh . You're on a roll and the place looks GREAT ! It is true there is always a lot to do during the summer .... but isn't it grand !


Barbara.... keep an eye out in the paper for the Barn Tour in Sherwood and Aurora usually held in August. The barns (c. 1800's to early 1900's) range in types and architecture. It makes a fun day to pack a picnic and enjoy the back roads of Cayuga County on your self guided tour.


Oh, I think the barn tour that Patty has mentioned sounds like a good time. I'd really enjoy that, as I love old barns.

Your garden looks lovely Barbara.

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