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June 25, 2012


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Heidi German

How neat! I've never seen those and even if I had, I'd never have known that they were originally party favors. The story you have to go with them makes them even more charming!

Mitzi Curi

Those are absolutely charming! They remind me of the old candy containers. It's great you found more to add to you mother's pair after all these years!


These are just delightful and I love that they bring you sparkly memories when you walk by!

Laurie - Magpie Ethel

Meant for you....a perfect addition to that childhood memory collection! YAHOOO...don't you love a find like that!


What a wonderful story, a wonderful find and it reminded me of my childhood as well, even though I am a full decade younger!


What are their dimensions? When you said the bird and nest was labeled as a salt, I'm guessing these are the size of the Rose Tea porcelains? They are wonderful!


Now these are party treasures. Much better than the dime store crud they hand out today. I imagine the moulds these were poured in were just as wonderful. Nice to see your family is growing. My mail could not have been more beautiful. It was like getting a seed catalog. Thank you so much...smiles...Renee


Wow just wonderful B....

Lisa W.

Yet another one of your collections for me to love.... in a word, delightful ! It's so nice that part of the collection comes from your mom.


These are beautiful and the way they make you think of your mom and her life is even more so.
This is exactly why people hang on to objects. For the memories they create.


I have seen those before, but never thought they'd be a party favor for a child! Glad your barnyard is full.


I've never seen these before, and they're wonderful. Now it's more than two sweet mementos from your mom and uncle -- it's a darling collection that you can give to your little girl.

Poppy K

These look like tiny little ice sculptures - so pretty!

Lavender Dreams

They are very very sweet! And congrats to Poppy...I know she is thrilled!

Vintage by Crystal

These animals are darling! How lucky to find more! You have a legit farm now! :)

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