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June 19, 2012


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Lorri Lay

This is by far my favorite post. Glad we don't have to choose!


Holy moly, I don't know how I would choose! Luckily (???) folks pass on year around so the estate sales soldier on when the garden is on hiatus. Maybe it is a seasonal thing. Junk in the winter and garden in the summer.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Well well, I was just thinking abut you tonight, and by God, here you are!

Well, I don't have much of a garden to play with in this chapter of my life, so at the moment, junking wins. But I certainly see the dilemma. I'm not surprised about Prozacian soil, as I've gotten high off gardening many times, and I totally dig (no pun intended) starting plants from seed. Nothing more Zen than hearing the birds tweeting, while the soil runs through your fingers......


A hard choice indeed. I don't junk as much as I garden at this point in time, but I can't see giving up on hunting and making treasures from junk.

I blog about gardening here, by the way.


Beautiful post. Glad you don't have to choose? Me too!

Musings from Kim K.

Maybe that's why my husband loves gardening so much...tee hee.


With gardening, sometimes volunteer plants pop up in a spot that seems just right, like they knew right where to grow with no help from me. Junk never finds a spot on its own, and sometimes it can take me forever to figure out just where to put the stuff. That's a point in favor of gardening! Very fun post, thanks.


Oh please don't make me choose...please...I couldn't make any money with my Horticulture degree but actually working outside every day was amazing. I still feel most comfortable in a greenhouse. But junking oh junking is like going home. It is a tie for sure...smiles...Renee

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Gosh, this is a puzzler. The two things that I really love doing. I think I could honestly give up the junking if I had to make a choice, because I feel like I'm blooming right along with the flowers when I work in the garden. Also, I've got a friend who regularly leaves me junky surprises by the back door!


Your conumdrum here is easily answered...

God created Spring and Summer for gardening, and Fall and Winter for junking.

And just like that....so easy peasy! :)

Congratulations, Hip Hip Hoorays, and Kudos all around! Such exciting, and busy, June you are having. The best kind of busy!

Into Vintage

I'm happy to hear this is working out for for you and I do think darkness, snow, sleet and rain are nature's way of guiding us out of the garden and into the thrift shops.

BTW -- spent the last 48 hours mentally applying your apron rating system to a multitude of out-of-town antique and thrift shops.

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