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June 20, 2012


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Marcia Dobbins

Feed sacks clothed several generations of my family. They also were used to make quilts, tea towels, underclothing etc.

Karen Christian

Many years ago, I was given several everyday quilts by elderly relatives of my husband. While solid and substantial, they were not works of art. I came to appreciate some of the feedsack prints that were worked into them and wonder at the sheer ugliness of others!


Just remember: one woman's ugly is another woman's beauty! I kinda like the brown leaves & green/orange flowers!!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

Linda I can't wait to see the beautiful quilt you will make from this awesome feed sack material. You are going to make a quilt right? It would be a shame not to finish the project that somebody started years ago.

Patti Tappel

What a lucky gal you are to have ALL those squares. I can't say I see an ugly one in there.


Those would make a lovely picnic quilt, or just a nice throw. I can't wait to see what you make.


Oh, Barbara! i drool.


No my dear it is not embarrassing. You are merely a middle man. More of a handler to provide the rest of us with amazing goods. I send the uglies back to the thrift. Can't really throw them away? Smiles...Renee


This makes me want to take out my unfinished quilt from last summer (or the summer before?) and get working. Wish I had been there to help you--sorting is one of favorite activities, in particular sorting by color, when I'm stressed, you can tell.

lynne ATL

I would love these to be able to patch an old quilt I bought at an auction recently, I would hate to patch with new fabric and these would BE PERFECT! Thanks for sharing the bounty

Heidi German

I am just astounded at the sheer number of different prints that were produced! Barbara, that might have just been THE FIND OF A LIFETIME! Thanks for sharing it! :)


I have never had any feedsack to work with although I have seen it on the internet. Very nice. Would be fun to win some.


You certainly have the Feedsack Midas touch. That is simply amazing! I bought a feedsack quilt top today in a turtle pattern. It's really just too adorable. But, it does have a couple "ugly" squares.


Beautiful and what a wonderful deal you got! I would love to have some... fingers crossed~ Hugs, Diane


2,500...is that an extra zero in there? My goodie goodness. Thanks for the chance to win. I'd even take the uglies...they don't look that bad in the photo. :)


Oh golly, I am beyond jealous at your feedback fest! Why can't we buy our groceries in pretty fabric bags nowadays, that's what I want to know! Would love to rehome some of your feedback squares pretty please.
Hen x


I am dittoing every word Hen said! I have never made a quilt and would love to give it a try :-D


Well, you know I have to be here for this. Unbelievable luck in finding those squares already cut. No excuse not to use them. I would love to win some but would be quite happy to buy some too. Are you listing any?

Mary Ann

I don't know if I've even ever seen feedsack cloth. (Maybe that has something to do with living on the East Coast?) But I sure love some of those prints, especially the purples and lavenders you showed.

chris mckinley

Really??? 2500? Wow! How fun1 Can't wait to see what you'll do with it.


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