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June 27, 2012


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Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I really, really, REALLY, hope they are both out of style. I am so un-hip!


Always one to buck the trends. I do hope this happens to feed sacks for my sake...not for yours. I have that juicer and it is lovely. Smiles...Renee


I am so happy to find you. I was just in my Etsy store and some one was following you so I popped over. Oh my gosh I love your feed sacks . Love your style.

laurie magpie ethel

Out of style and a drop in price and ease to find an item is always nice. There are quite a few items I wish would fall of the trendy wagon!


I once bought an enamel bowl set to resell, but I wound up using them one night and I have used them nearly every single night for some part of our dinner. I paid $5.00 for the five bowls, so that's a dollar a bowl divided by , say 300 nights a year over 15 years. Well, Math isn't my strong suit, but I think I did okay.

Lisa W.

You are so right .... prices for depression glass have dropped dramatically . How nice for all of the collectors out there ! I love all of the pieces you ended up getting on Saturday .... good for you !


What great finds. I need to remember that cost per use next time I need an excuse to by anything ...


Well, how cool - and what great deals you got on that gorgeous green glassware! I know what you mean about prices - though I haven't found any more lately. I am just ever-grateful that I actually started collecting Jadite, etc., back when I was in high school, before everybody else was doing it, too!

Sheryl Remy

They really have dropped on depression glass in the pastels. I picked up a desert cup on Saturday for a quarter and these were collectors having the sale. Great find.

Sheryl Remy


Um. Maybe this means it is safe for me to resume eating my breakfast cereal out of my jadite chili bowls?


Jadeite is definitely not out of sytle around here. The prices are still outrageous. I blame M*artha Stewart! I have noticed that depression prices have really dropped and I'm glad because I use them for decorating. I especially love the pink!




(Linda, I blame Martha, too.)

I am ready for everything I like to be out of style. Whenever I go to auctions, I seem to always get outbid because it never fails that when I want it, others do, too.

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow, if these items are now out of style, then they might be in my price range! Great buys!

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