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July 22, 2012


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Maria (Magia Mia)


It is a wonder that you didn't faint or have a heart attack........What Heaven you must have been in. Do I see a couple of those with the same label you showed in a previous post?

So happy for you that it was worth the drive!


I think you're addicted to feedsacks! LOL.

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Wow. Just wow. I hope you got me that lot of plates. ;)

laurie magpie ethel

You were well rewarded for that drive. I would not drive that far for feedsacks, but vintage Christmas would have my in the driver's seat lickity split!

Lavender Dreams

I have never seen so many in my life! I'm so glad you got them! You'll have fun sorting them and a lot of people will benefit from your big buy!


Glad you were successful!

I'll be in Ohio later this week, but no auctions on the agenda.


Shut...up! This is not a real picture? That is feed sack heaven. I am looking forward to you cataloging every single one. Good heavens this is amazing. Smiles..Renee

Beth Leintz

Wow...I've driven 70 miles for an auction- and it was worth it, I've also driven 70 miles and have it be a waste of time.

No, I don't think I'd drive 500 miles, even to Feedsack Heaven, but I'm glad you did.


It is official - you are the feedsack whisperer!


I am seconding Kathy!

Kim Kenward

Oh my goodness. You are definitely in feedsack heaven. Good for you.

chris mckinley

More feedsacks?? I can't wait to see them!!!



I can't imagine a nicer road trip.


I have a question, with all your printed beauties, how do you decide how to pair them up when you list them on Etsy?

Elaine Richardson

...your family might need to stage an intervention!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

How in the world did you ever narrow it down to only 77?! Oh, and thanks for the post on identifying feedsack. And after seeing that, I still say that I've never seen any feedsack around here!

Melissa's Antiques

Your new title should be the Feedsack Queen!

Lisa W.

Good for you Barbara ! How exciting !

Patti Tappel

My mouth may never go shut! Unbelievable!!!!!


Wow. Northwest Ohio. I need to move.

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