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July 24, 2012


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A break from feed sacks? Not necessary. My heart is panting just thinking about the auction! Well done you!
Hen x


I can only imagine being overwhelmed at the plethora of fabric. My experience has only brought me to a back bedroom full of them and not as neatly kept. You are a very lucky lady. Very strong to let them go. Certainly once in a lifetime event...smiles...Renee

Lavender Dreams

You can't say no to Lavender! heehee! I love them all...but the lavender and aqua prints sure are sweet!

Into Vintage

I believe you are in a hypnotic, trance-like feedsack state of mind. The official name for it escapes me but I see all the symptoms here, in particular the one where you crossed state lines in pursuit of more feedsacks. And it sounds like you're still feeling some of your feedsack high.

Nothing wrong with that!


What are you going to do with them all, once you are done drooling?


You are living my dream...always


Same print, different colors are always a special treat! Especially with feedsacks. How do you do it? And we don't need a break from feedsacks- please!!

Kim Kenward

You are the Queen of Feedsacks. I never grow tired. Keep them coming!


Oh, how fun to have an adventure like that and get to see all of it, even if you can't bring it all home!

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