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July 15, 2012


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laurie magpieethel

That really is a bad paint job on each of those figures...perhaps ONE person was responsible for painting them day in and day out, figure after figure and took his/her job frustrations out with paint. I can't imagine a whole crew of folks that painted that badly and still kept a job.

Congrats on acquiring scary son.

Musings from Kim K.

Your scary family is a pretty nifty collection. I can't get enough dollhouse and vintage toy posts. Keep them coming.

Maria (Magia Mia)

It's on these posts, when you wander into the deep crevices of your dark whimsy, that I am most entertained by you.......:)


I think that little feller doesn't like wearing that necktie and the mother and father clearly have a lot on their minds since their babies have to go naked. I'm sure that is why they chose all that practical hard plastic furniture.


I couldn't agree more with Maria!


Is it just me or does Scary Mom look like she is on a swim team somewhere? Broad shoulders! As for the Scary Baby Twins they are clearly adopted with those eye issues. I would like to say that todays toys are far to perfect and hence all the issues with kids...not me and my OCD...no...Love Mr. and Mrs. Scary. way to one up mom...smiles...Renee


They are a bit stern, but I love them anyway.

An observation: the family appears to be molded from colored plastic (mother-red, father-blue, sister-yellow, brother-brown) with the skin, hair and other details painted on. What you are seeing on their faces and hair, I believe is actually paint loss from use, exposing the colored plastic underneath the paint, instead of a bad paint job.

Lisa W.

Wait a minute .... I have to stop laughing ! You are SO funny ! Yes, this family is absolutely terrifying. It is no wonder the mother looks so grim - just look at the size of those babies ! They're huge !

Into Vintage

Bad paint job or genetic skin disorder ... it appears all members of the family are afflicted. Mother Renwal has certainly retained her girlish figure despite having given birth to not one but two enormous babies. Perhaps that explains the expression on her face.


Oh gosh Barbara, this just might be your funniest post to date. Love your blog!

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