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July 27, 2012


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I love that floral border feedsack with its own fringe -- it makes a darling curtain, and also a pretty cute apron . . .


GORGEOUS!!! I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!!


Seize the moment B! What would you rather do, have them hanging so lovely from your window where you can enjoy them or tucked away in a drawer, box, whatever... my opinion anyway... J

Lisa W.

Oh-so-cute ! Thanks for the demonstration. You must keep them and use them somewhere !


Wait wait wait...my head is spinning....oh my goodness. Those are gorgeous curtains. You did the perfect thing with them. I don't remove the labels either or good grief wash the writing off. See that stool, picture me with my latest Mary Kay Andrews and the light streaming through the window. That is what I am thinking of now...taking my little squares with me on my trip....smiles..Renee

Linda Ruthie

They look so perfect in your window.


The coveting syndrome, know it well. I have such a hard time using certain fabrics.


I vote you keep the labels and hang them as curtains just exactly the way you have. So, so pretty and why not have them out where they can make you smile every time you walk by! If you are worried about them fading in the window then do you have somewhere else you can hang them, like a skirt on a shelf or table or something?


A few years ago I wouldn't dare use them but perhaps age has created a wild and crazy streak--use them! Is there anyone who would love them more? They look perfect with your swigs to highlight them. If you get tired of them you can sell them as curtains. I like this kind of problem solving!


It would be an insult to the person who thought of the fringes to leave the folded in a drawer! I vote for curtains :-)


It looks so at home in your window!


that really is beautiful. i love the fringe detail. they look so good in the window!

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