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July 28, 2012


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WOW! i don't even have words! that was really a gem, i would have gone crazy! i love absolutely everything.


Milk glass christmas Santas. It doesn't get better than that! Everything looks in great condition. Perfect find!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I just stepped on my tongue. That is an amazing pile of treasures. Wow.


You are giving me a stomach ache lately with all you wonderful finds. Lucky, lucky you!


Funny, the other day when my odd Santa came along I thought "wow, B hasn't found any great Christmas stuff yet?" Oh they junk fairies were listening and the dioramas are in full force. I am already humming jingle bells. Smiles...Renee


{THUNK}...me tipping over. Speechless. Chest bump x2.

laurie magpie ethel

I am completely and utterly jealous. one word...JEALOUS. (spun head penguin and "Merry Miracles" new to me too)

Kim G.

I think I am not liking you any more. No fair. You bring out the immature second grader in me. I want what you have. Forget aprons. This sale deserves a trophy.


I am freaking out here! A ten apron sale is unheard of! And there's more to come! I'm already getting excited about the AOVCOA&S and it's still only July! I hope you're going to sell that church in the dark ornament, because it should be on my tree!

This is a five exclamation mark comment, and that's a record for me.

You are the estate sale queen (and I am not kidding either!)


Jackpot! Great score! I was starting to miss your Christmas finds. How bizarre the black church ornament. The milk glass Santas are cool and creepy looking at the same time.

Lisa W.

Bravo ! What a very impressive haul. It's well worth losing a little sleep over ... as always ... good for you Barbara ! Thanks for sharing.

Linda @ A La Carte

Now this was a sale worth going to! I love the Penguin! So many pretty ornaments...I would have a ball just looking at them. Ten Aprons for sure!

Kim Kenward

Gasp. It's all so amazing. I just can't get over that stash of treasures. I love happy endings.

Melissa's Antiques

Totally jealous!! I thought I had a good haul of Christmas stuff from this weekend. You take the cake!



I should collect Christimas vintage. My area is not a good place for this as people don't get rid of anything here. I love your stuff. this post nearly made me cry. My parents used to call it jap crap (sorry for this being an insensitive remark) but I always loved the little trinkets and balls. Still do. It isn't crap to me. It is treasure.


Like most of us, I am completely envious of your Christmas finds. My heart starts palpitating as I see each picture of lovely things I covet!

Into Vintage

Somehow ten aprons might not be quite enough for this incredible haul. I have yet to have this kind of vintage Christmas good fortune but it's stories like yours that continue to give me a flicker of hope.

That nighttime ornament with the little white village is absolutely killing me. As is the penguin.

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Omg.. Totally jealous!! I thought I had a good haul of Christmas stuff from this weekend. You take the cake!

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