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August 23, 2012


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Into Vintage

"Some of you have specifically asked for me not to post photos."

I think I might fall under the 'no photos' heading and yet here I go to your craigslist ad just to torture myself...


How I wish I could be there bright and early to buy those pixie salt and pepper shakers and that little pixie I see among your Christmas stuff.

Pure torture to post these!!1 LOL!!!


Kim Kenward

I couldn't resist...I went to Craigslist and about fell out of my office chair. So many lovely treasures. You will do extremely well.


Oh yes, and I went to Craig's List, too. Apparently people with no self-control are just drawn to your blog - hehe!
I am seriously impressed with your purg-o-rama. Mine pales in comparison!


Aren't you afraid you're going to be mobbed by antique dealers with these cheap prices?!? LOL


Oh I wish I could come! I even mapped it as I am in NY, too, but alas . . . 5 hours away! Boo. Good luck!


I was having a hard time knowing I am so far from this sale, until I saw the milk glass shiny brite in the left hand corner, and then I almost wept.


I tortured myself by going to Linda's blog, and craigslist. Makes we wish I still lived in NY, and not way down in the heart of Texas. Come to think, there are many reasons for that, but your $1.00 sale is on the current top 10 list of reasons. :)


I am so mad I don't live close enough to come to your sale. I would totally take all of those blue lidded jars, can't think of the official name right not. I have slowly been replacing all my kitchen storage with jars like that but those are hard to come by here in Wisconsin. Seriously email me if you have any of the quart or bigger sizes left at the end of your sale. I am sure they will all be gone, but just in case. ;)


You're going to need protective gear....


Best of luck with your sale. I'm sure everyone will leave with lots of goodies!

Lisa W.

I missed your sale ! Everything looked great ! Well, I will just have to be happy with all of things that I have purchased from you over the years. I love them still .... esp. the things that you made yourself !

laurie magpie ethel

Tortured on Craigslist with the others.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Now why did I go and do that? WHY did I go look at your listing, knowing full well that I wouldn't be there for the sale. WHY? That bear paint-by-numbers would look so perfect in my little cottage in the woods that doesn't exist yet. Ah well. Can't wait to here how the sale went, and whether you needed valet parking for the crowd that ensued!


if wishes were fishes I'd be there


Settings on my computer have been messed up and I've been missing you. Looks like I have several posts to enjoy. I'd like to say my technical advisor has learned a lot from this mishap, but I assure you I still know nothing!

Mitzi Curi

Wow, I know I would have loaded up at one of your sales! I'll be interested to hear how it went!

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