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August 04, 2012


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Kim Kenward

How sweet are those dutch shoes!! What a darling collection.


Oh my gosh! So cute! karen...


Love these! Laurie has blogged about these tie-backs before, too, but I have never, ever found any in my whole life. Must pay closer attention!! Of course, I don't have curtain in my house that are the kind that need tie-backs, but that is beside the point.... 8+)

Lisa W.

This collection is too cute ! My mother collected vintage curtain tie backs when I was young. I really like them and they look oh-so-good when they are used to hold back the curtains . They also look great, just as you have them , sitting together on the table as a collection . Thanks for sharing !

laurie magpie ethel

You were right when you said this was my kind of sale. Have never found a box of them before...lucky gal! The green flowers are definite keepers. (actually I think I would have trouble parting with any of them)

Mitzi Curi

I just love little curtain tiebacks, and I've been trying to come up with a clever way to re-purpose them. I'm thinking of clipping off the pointy ends and making jewelry....do you think that would be a bad thing to do?


Do the Dutch shoes have tacks on the backs? With the loop at the top they make me think of window blind pulls.

That is truly a wonderful box of vintage beauty!! Lucky girl!


The cute little mystery aprons remind me of clothes pin bags for some reason. I'm not sure, and maybe they are unfinished, but they remind me of the cute bags that hang on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins. There was a center part that was just an open slit in the design (edged with bias tape) and you just reach your hand in and get a clothes pin.

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