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August 18, 2012


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Ooo...Ooo...wait it is going to take me longer than that to get there...save me something good. What can I get for $50? Argh...Smiles...Renee


oh, man wish I was there!

Linda @ A La Carte

If I only lived close to you!!!!

karla nathan

Aaack! I don't think I can be there by then. Durn. What a sale!


Google Maps says it is about 1,228 miles or 20 hours and 36 minutes to your general area. Sounds like it just might be worth the trip! Lucky gals in your area that get to come Pickin'!

Into Vintage

I checked with my legal counsel and my suspicions were confirmed. This post is borderline abusive to those of us on the other side of the country. Please remove it immediately.

Or just send me all your vintage Christmas and we can call it good.
( ... aarrrghghhh) :-)


Seriously, no seriously, the fact you torture those of us who belong to Thrifting Anonymous is cruel and unusual punishment. Now I have to go and review my TA 12 rules and try not to jump in my car for a road trip. Sigh, and here I thought I was considered a friend (sniff).

Have fun - DON'T post pics - that would really be too much (LOL)

laurie magpie ethel

Torture to not be neighbors....


Too bad my husband is out of town otherwise I be leaving about now to get to your place in time. Can't seem to rationalize leaving the kids no matter how good the bargains...oh well.

Sue G

Wow...what a great sale, sure wish I lived close.....how about a special etsy sale for the rest us......just saying!


This is toooo tempting Barbara. I have started working on the husband already. The twins could use a road trip!


I just realized. I'm too late! Drat!!!!


WOW. Guess Linda's getting it all, huh? I want me some paint-by-numbers.

You should do a giveaway!


Darn! Missed it. Was camping with my boys most of the week and just got back. Maybe next year ... Missed Bouckville, too.

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