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August 20, 2012


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Into Vintage

Pardon my judgement but who in the world 'loses interest in vintage Christmas'!? Good thing she lost it as the two of you arrived and extra points for being prepared with a shiny trinket to trade.

$84 a dozen, indeed!

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I'm kinda scared that you, Linda, and I all used the word "serendipity" or variations thereof in our blog posts today describing the vintage Christmas.

Now where are the photos from your yard sale?? ;)


Heaven! What a lucky day for you both. I'm proud to say that I'm the caretaker of the pretty bulb in the second photograph, lower left hand side. A blessed hand me down from my beloved mom. Now, what I wouldn't give for that red, silent night beauty!


Just look at all those indents! You had the junking karma on your side for sure. Great score and loved the story.

Kim Kenward

You lucky lucky lady. A bracelet for a box of yummy ornaments. Pure genius.


oh my goodness, Serendipity, indeed! Nice Score!


Get out...I can't believe you are this lucky! Just saw a ton of these today at about $5 a piece. How is it at all possible to find all the beautiful feedsacks and all these ornaments. Frowns...Renee

laurie magpie ethel

It was at that VERY MOMENT that the woman decided to go out of the Christmas ornament business...that is some powerful spell you cast on her! And then to add to the powers of your spell with the bracelet in your purse. That woman did not have a chance...good score!

Lisa W.

Well that was a good trade ! So sorry that I missed your sale .... I hope you have another some day !


Lucky duck! They are quite lovely, I love everything about old ornaments especially when they are still in the box with the cool dividers and the old piece of tissue. (yes, i realize It might not be original bit i can dream...:)


What a great story. I want someone to go out of the vintage typewriter business in front of me.


There needs to be an even better word than serendipity to describe this event. Shinybritipity, perhaps.


seriously, you are killing me with this story and those pictures

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