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August 03, 2012


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Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I would have bought that tablecloth. ;)


What a great tablecloth! I bet you can make the best of things til they get back! lol Penny


That's livin'! You have a tablecloth to keep for yourself and drumsticks for dinner. It just doesn't get much better than that!
BTW... I like those tablecloths with the signs of their past life. I don't feel bad about using them and messing them up!


Well, that is a gorgeous table, glad for the minor flaw! Perfect for the jadite.

Lisa W.

I am glad you have to keep it ... it looks great right where it is ! Thanks for sharing - except now I want a drumstick ( not the turkey kind ) for my dinner as well .


It's gorgeous!!! Buy some BIZ (powder) and dissolve it in warm water and soak the tablecloth. Then hang in the sun after soaking for a while and rinsing-the stains will disappear!!! I've gotten a LOT of stains out with it and it doesn't break down the fibers of the tablecloth. You might have to soak it more than once though.


Ohhh a Cherry Drumstick weekend - those are the best LOL J (and yes you just have to keep that tablecloth for yourself - personally I would be figuring out how to make pillows or curtains or something from it...


Love it with the Jadite! :D

one gal's trash

A pinhole?...Sell it?...That would just be foolhardy! It's a much better idea to let it live with your Fire King until the end of time. Enjoy your solitude!


You sound a bit reckless, I hope they come back soon before you have a sink full of dirty swanky swigs.

Ps I'm jealous of both the tablecloth and prepackaged ice cream.

chris mckinley

Liv'n on the edge...cherries and a drumstick!! We miss them when they're gone, but it is nice at times to be able to do anything we want!!



That table is like walking back to a better time.

real estate ph

Woah I love the color of the tablecloth. My younger sister really loves things like that to use in a celebration at her house. The design are perfectly fit for indoor and outdoor eating time. :)


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