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September 03, 2012


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Lavender Dreams

Thirteen is lucky in our family! Thanks for the fun! I can always use holiday goodies! Hugs!


I'm sure my Munchkin would love to receive any of your Halloween goodies, please (we do live in England, I understand if that's not ok). I am always envious of how you really go all out for Halloween in America, it's very low key here and we can't buy all the lovely stuff you can.
Hen x


Fun! I love orange! I'm in! :)

Sula Gower

Not sure if I'm eligible for this give away, but as a retired school employee I know several teachers starting their careers that could use any of these wonderful items. The rubber stamps alone would make them giddy. Love your blog and all the goodies you seem to have stored away.


Love those 13 cards! You're so generous! And Happy Labor Day!


Oh, man! I love the 13 cards! I actually just closed on an old house on Friday July 13, so it *is* my lucky number!

(also love Halloween Holiday the very best!)

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the #13 cards and the buttons and the stamps! Oh I would love to have these to craft with this fall!! Hugs, Linda


So fun! Thanks for offering this collection of goodies - my daughter would be over the moon if these arrived in our mailbox. Love your blog...
- teresa

laurie magpie ethel

Had to throw my witch hat into the ring...count me in! Crossing 13 fingers.

Lisa W.

Halloween craft items !? Please add my name to the list ! ( what a fun idea. )

Robin Batterson

Would love to win, got married on the 13th so love that # and we decorate to the Max for Halloween...so know anything I win would be put to good use. Love your blog! thanks :)

Sue H.

Stirring up a stew of eye of newt and lye of politician along with globs of luckee sauce so that I win (me me me! witch cackling and ghoul moaning for authenticity)


I can always use more craft supplies (can't I?) Thanks for the giveaway!

Pattie Ealy

All of my families' birthdates include either a one or a three (1/3, 11/11, 11/3, 11/30, 10/10) so I would love one of your lucky 13 cards! Fun idea by the way!


What a treat to win one of your giveaways! Crafting supplies and Halloween goodies are two of my favorite things:)

Sheryl Remy

Halloween is my favorite Holiday to decorate for. I go all out. I love the cards with the 13 on them to use both in decorating or card making.


yay for a giveaway! love halloween, count me in!


So cool of you to do a giveaway, and of such neat stuff! I've been looking for Halloween cards but had no luck so far.

Melissa's Antiques

I love Halloween! This is great giveaway!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm always up for a chance to win some Halloween goodies, but after reading Sula Gowers' comment, give my chance to her. I'd love to see a teacher win!

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