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September 17, 2012


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Kim Kenward

Swoon. Could these images be any more cuter! I'm envious of your darling collection. I've got crafting on the brain right now and all I can see are how those images could be scanned and put into holiday crafting projects. How fun that gift stores run in your genes. Good for you!

Into Vintage

I'd shop at your (vintage) gift store any time! To think these all have pre-sniffed envelopes is amazing - so hard to find envelopes that aren't already glued together from storage dampness.

laurie magpie ethel

I would have bought that box and did a bit of swooning as well. You just never know what you will find. Exhilarating yes!

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Wow what a great collection of Treasures! All in one swoop..gotta love the thrill of the hunt! Hugs~ Diane


Oh, what a score! I would like to be on your Christams Card list please!


Oh my! These are amazing! I love the green kitty one too, and the last set of Christmas ones in particular. Might we hope for some in your Etsy shop?
Hen x

julie thompson

Omg...even the boxes are pretty!


Wow! I'm in Heaven! Thanks for posting.

Melissa's Antiques

Way better than my vintage greeting card haul a couple months ago! I only got about 50.


I LOVE the greeting cards! My grandparents owned a flower and gift shop. They had a tall narrow chest that held all the greeting cards. To this day, I can't resist buying and collecting them! I sell some, but most remain in my collection! Nothing today compares to the charm of these. Great find!


Oh my goodness these are so cute! I can imagine your excitement when you found that box! Thanks for sharing it with us!


The cards brought back wonderful memories of receiving them as a kid! I have the cards saved or should I say, stowed away in the attic for safe keeping.


oh my goodness! I love those, the ones now are just not the same!

Lisa W.

A wonderful find to be sure ! What fun ! I am also very glad to hear that someone else does the sniff test besides myself. :)


I adore vintage cards. The card thing was a big deal at my house. It was like an occasion when then card table came out and my mom got out the christmas card list and we went to buy christmas stamps down town. Good times.

chris mckinely

Aren't vintage cards the best!! Love the graphics!! Lucky find!!



Barbara where might one find those in the house? Just in case I need to check out the graphics for myself. You know maybe do a little sniff test of my own! One of my all time favorite finds are these little boxes. Now they just put them in clear wrappers...yuck. Don't worry I will leave you a few...maybe! Smiles..Renee


The little elves on the Hello one is so stinking cute! love the Santa with the wood stove as well.


Just imagining the displays in your vintage shop...possible name---Barb Dwire Vintage?

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