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September 17, 2012


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Where on earth did you find these! You left that part out. Oh my, I'm slobbering drool just looking at the pics LOL....

Mitzi Curi

I love your vintage cards. My grandma used to save each and every card people gave her, and put them in scrap books. I loved looking at them when I was a kid.

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Omg...the boxes look very pretty!so cute!


They just don't make 'em like they used to...the graphics were so sweet then and the script, too. I just sent my sister a vintage birthday card today...I hope I will find some great ones, too..mine came from ebay.


As an avid fan of vintage cards, I share in your delightful glee. Nothing compares to those precious vintage images, whose main purpose is to make one smile.
I so miss the stationary store of old. As a child, I used to love going up and down the aisles, scrutinizing every stationary set, wishing I could purchase them all... on my mere pittance of an allowance. ;)
Now that I can rub a few cents together...these fine stores have vanished. :( Craft stores are not a proper alternative, in my humble view.
Have a great week, my friend.


I love this post! These are the cards that I remember from my childhood. And just look at the art work! Fabulous, especially on the my favorite, the Santa pulling the sleigh with the Christmas tree and reindeer aboard. You just never see such great art work on greeting cards anymore.
I wish I had all of these to send out myself!
Thanks for the wonderful posts.

Erica / Golden Egg Vintage

Oh my gosh! I think this find was one for the record books! I have an addiction to vintage cards...I would have fainted if I came across these at a sale!
Erica :)




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