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September 06, 2012


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Its so pretty and girly! I bet it puts a smile on your face when you look at it, it does mine!


Guess I'm really out of it as I never heard of an inspiration board before. Cool idea!

Melissa's Antiques

I love, love, love that little card with the sleeping pup "asleep or awake I love you!"

laurie magpie ethel

Love the board and it does look like you and your loves. I have never seen one of those cards with the rick rack...another thing learned in blogland.


Oh this is soo pretty and very inspiring! :) :) Hope you have a great night! xo Holly

Lisa W.

I love it !


This is just delightful! Love love that needle book! I have never seen that rick rack toy and never, ever find those drapery tie-backs. I thin Ethel always gets to them first! 8+)

Kim Kenward

I'm completely smitten with your vintage doll dresses. Such a pretty inspiration board.


Maybe you can show us where you have hung this beauty when you finish organizing your space.

Jennifer Grosz

Wow! I love this inspiration board and your collection of vintage goodies. Every single item is just so sweet, there's no way to pick a favorite. What a neat way to display them!

bird sounds

These are really great works and I will try to collect some for my own collections and will decorate my home.

Beth Leintz

I think your board looks just like you except its missing Swanky Swigs, Jadeite and Christmas.

But in a group of inspiration boards, I'd still know it was yours.

Lavender Dreams

It makes me smile, too! I love all of the same things you do! Hugs!


Now I'm inspired!

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